Relay Monkey

In 2022, I was invited to create a new visual identity and website for Relay Monkey, a business whose mission is to bridge the gap between cutting-edge cloud native technologies and proven best practices to solve IT infrastructure challenges.
The new visual identity is like a coding chimp – smart, playful, and ready to swing into action. 
With colors like ‘Pod Pearl,’ ‘Cluster Coal,’ ‘Kubelet Blue,’ and ‘Container Gold’, our palette isn’t cracking Kubernetes code, but it does encapsulate the dynamism of a cloud’s container ecosystem. Angular typography injects energy into our branding, each letter mirroring the precision of a finely orchestrated Kubernetes deployment. The clean lines and sleek design elements pay homage to the streamlined efficiency of container orchestration. 

Discover Relay Monkey’s fresh branding on their new website, where smart design meets a playful twist.

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