This year marks the first edition of a new festival of contemporary artistic practices, Oglede. We are thrilled to have played a key role in shaping the festival’s visual narrative; by creating a logo and visual identity for this year’s theme: Changes.
More than just an event, Oglede is a celebration of Velika Gorica — its rich culture, enduring traditions, urban gems, and historic locales.
But what’s in a name? In the days of old, ‘Oglede’ in Turopolje was a window into the unknown. People would journey there to gauge the potential within a household or to assess the prospects of their future brides.
Much like the festival’s namesake, Oglede shines a spotlight on the hidden gems, the unseen beauty, and the untold stories of Velika Gorica. We revalorize the city’s identity and breathe fresh life into its cultural heritage.

flag video by: Katarina Drvodelić

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