​​​​​​​Okolišni filmski festival 2018

Okolišni filmski festival is a yearly festival of environmentally conscious films raising awareness about issues like global warming, overproduction of plastic, clean air and water and other ecological topics.
This year, unfortunately, the festival lost most of it’s funding. So, instead of jubliary 5th edition, the team decided on 4 and a half. 

Combined with the existing visual identity, set in 2016, and it’s leading element of intrusive, green color (Pantone Neon Green), the campaign was created to follow the ‘and a half’ mindset.
Three symbolic elements were chosen to communicate the way people so often do things halfway. You buy organic, but you buy it in a plastic box. You buy ‘conscious’ clothing, buy you buy it in a fast-fashion store. You use a bamboo toothbrush, but it came to you from China.
Maybe we had to do it halfway, but you don’t. You can choose your footprint.

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