​​​​​​​Okolišni filmski festival 2016

Okolišni film festival is a yearly festival of environmentally conscious films raising awareness about issues like global warming, overproduction of plastic, clean air and water and other sustainability related topics.
The team behind the festival, Zelena Akcija, approached me with the task of creating a new visual identity, that would make them stand out on the streets of Zagreb by communicating their values.

Colour was chosen as the foundation of the festival’s new visual identity. Pantone Neon Green (802C) is a colour that is loud. Just like activism itself. It is immediately noticeable in both printed and digital media.It is intrusive in the best way. Green life is a concept that should be intrusive. It is a concept that is designed to make us stop and think.
*All printed media was printed on recycled white paper.

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