for Cutural Center Parobrod, Belgrade, Serbia
with Tena Kelemen

Medvedi se bude, pretvaraju u ljude
Bears return, into men they turn

The project was created for the exhibition ‘Bears’ held in Belgrade, 2013. The theme of the exhibition was spring, inspired by bears awakening from their winter sleep, which according to a legend, marks the beggining of spring. 
Four posters, through the technique of origami, are folded into a pyramid. When they open up, they symbolize the bears’ awakening and their transformation into humans with the arrival of spring (a scenario developed from the lyrics of a song by a Bosnian songwriter E.L. Laka: Majmuni se bude, pretvaraju u ljude, meaning Monkeys return, and into men they turn, with a variation of replacing ‘monkeys’ with ‘bears’). When folded and combined, the posters make a modular installation, derived from the form of a mountain, representing a natural balance, onto which a spectator can influence at will. 

Exhibition held by Bears – In Honor of Spring @ Cutural Center Parobrod, Belgrade, Serbia, 2013

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